The Importance of Likes on Instagram


Having a large number of likes on Instagram can greatly improve your business or personal image because it sends a message to other Instagram users that your business is aiming high and doing well! When people see this, they want part of the action, so they join your following. More likes equals more followers. On the contrary, nothing puts off online visitors more than a business that advertises itself and no one responds. It’s not hard to understand; people don’t bother to follow someone who has little or no likes. Don’t let this happen to you. With very little financial outlay or effort, you can sidestep this situation by purchasing likes from us. This is the secret to success on Instagram and you can be sure that your competitors are already doing it. We take pride in helping a great number of our clients get to the “Popular” page by merely starting them off with the delivery of a fantastic like-count.

The secret of likes to get on popular page

Some people think there is a secret formula to get onto the ‘popular’ page. While having a large total like-count is critical and looks great, the number of likes you have is not the only criteria for increasing your chances of getting on the ‘popular’ page. What really matters is how many likes you receive in the first hour. In fact, the first 30 minutes from when you upload your first picture is even more important. These 30 minutes are the key to making it. Through experience, we’ve discovered that your ratio of likes to followers is so important because people who have more than 10% likes to followers within 30—40 minutes are more likely to make it onto the ‘popular’ page. This is where we can help you. We get to work immediately after you place your order and our goal is to have it completed within the crucial 30 minute period. On average, we complete the order with a few short hours!

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Businesses of all sizes can afford our service. Our technical team is delivers the fastest and is the most reasonably priced. Both new and well established businesses are using our services. Purchasing our service will guaranteed your business a professional image and will certainly increase traffic to your website. We will deliver lightning fast and also answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You really can’t afford not to use our service!

  • You won’t need to stress about your account being suspended because, unlike others, we use only the safest methods to offer this service. We don’t break any Instagram policies.
  • You do not need to provide us your password, or any access to your account whatsoever.
  • We don’t need access to your account at all because we won’t mass follow others with your account to get follow backs.
  • Once you process your order with us, you can relax. We will take care of everything.
  • So buy cheap instagram likes from us today and see your profile being popular
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