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March 22, 2018

Buying Fans vs Organic Fans

Buying Fans vs Organic Fans

If you are an internet marketing guru then you already know the power of Facebook, but what if your completely new at this; Can buying Facebook fans actually benefit you? Would it be better just let fans find me? Read on to find out!


The changing landscape of the web

The internet is constantly changing and new sites are popping up all the time, but the main large internet powers just keep getting bigger and bigger. Google, Twitter, Bing and Facebook are in a constant battle over the hoards of users clicking links and finding content however lately one has risen above the rest and surprisingly become the biggest source of news, links and new content on the internet.




Who would have ever guessed that a Myspace rival would not only dominate all social networks but rise to threaten even Google? I read a study the other day that showed stats that more people click on news links from Facebook then they do from Google!


This tells us one thing, we are defining how the web works best, and it works best by social marketing. It makes sense; you would use Google for searching something very specific but when was the last time you remember clicking on a Google ad? When was the last time you trusted the comments of one of your buddies on Facebook and clicked a link they recommended?

Facebook Like System

In the past if you were an artist who wants to promote you latest track you would upload your latest track to soundcloud, or if it was even longer ago myspace and you would send out an email to all your loyal fans to go and click your links to download you latest track.


How did that work for you? It is a one way street, if you sent out 1000 emails how many of those 1000 actually read or even listened to your new content? How many other artists were doing the exact same thing in Myspace?


Facebook is different, much more powerful. If you set up a fan page on facebook and someone “Likes” your page you get a fan for life! Every time you post up a new track, product or article and they click “Like” all of their friends get notified that their buddy just liked a something new of yours, and if they decide to like it to it starts to spread, rapidly. When this starts to happen over thousands of people we call it a viral page, and that is where you will start to see the sales roll in.


How to make a viral page

Viral pages are tricky at first. You can’t just make any old page with a couple of good links go viral. First you must have decent content that people want to like, then you must have an attractive fan page and lastly you need a solid fan base to start things off.


We can help you with the fan page and the fans. Believe it or not but, those are the easy things!


Are organic fans better then bought fans?

Here is where I think there is a massive misconception. Bought fans are in fact not really that different from organic fans. When you purchase 1000 fans they are not forced to “Like” your page, they do not just mindlessly click to like your page.


To get 1000 fans, we send out a suggestion (or an invite) to well over 10, 000 to come and take a look at what you have to offer. That’s it, there’s no special tricks, no dodgy methods, no nothing! We are just helping you speed up the process of finding people who like your content!


We will take a look at the content you are offering on your page and do out best to sell the like to our followers using the messaging capability of the fan page suggestion box. In reality we are using the Facebook functions as intended, doing the same thing you would do to ask your personal friends to like your page the only difference is we send suggestions to a lot more potential fans then you could.