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March 22, 2018
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March 26, 2018

Exciting new product!

We have been a little quiet on our site lately as we have been hard at work a brand new automated like system that has been delivering some very high quality targeted likes!

Targeted likes are the holy grail of facebook marketing and there are a lot of providers out there who claim to be able to deliver them. We have tested all the big players out there, we are yet to find a single other fan provider who was able to deliver REAL targeted likes. Every single of them gave us either fake fans, or black hat fans (meaning the fans became fans of our test pages without knowing).

Our new system is a simple yet elegant solution and it works like this:

We have under our control over 200 huge fan pages (between 100k and 500k fans each). From these fan pages we promote specially designed friendly viral websites. The viral websites have a custom designed “Like Locker” which displays some information and pictures from your fan page, and asks the user to click like in order to see our content. Our content is 100% brand safe content that we know our fans will like to see, we make sites about movie mistakes, celebrity gossip, funny videos, video game hints and videos etc. We will shortly begin to showcase some of our viral sites, at the moment we are testing out our new service and expanding it.