Facebook Followers

Recently Facebook introduced an exciting brand new option on Facebook. The “follow” button. Till now people could become friends on Facebook with each other and the limitation was only 5000 friends. But now the boundary of 5000 friends is no more in followers. you can have millions of Followers in your profile and they can get updated from you instantly.

In fbfansadd.com we are proudly introducing “Facebook Followers” service for the first time over market. According to our market research people like updates from a person then from a page. So followers are more effective and appealing then facebook page likes.
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You can order upto 80,000 followers from us now. We are working hard to increase our capacity..

Facebook Followers Package

These are the cheapest Facebook followers in the market now. You can buy as low as in $10 only 500 Followers. These followers are all real users from worldwide. We will add these followers within 24 to 48 hours. We can deliver up to 80,000 followers per profile.


Facebook Followers Daily Package

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Followers Packages

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