Before you purchase our service its a good idea to go through our frequently asked questions. These will help you understand a lot more about how we do things. We strive to provide each of our customers with a superb and safe service. While some other facebook fan services might send your link out to a few thousand people (or worse a few thousand face people), We on the other hand use pure white hat methods to promote your page to our millions of real and active Facebook fans.

1. How can we offered a guaranteed service? Some Other sites say its impossible!

We have seen some other sites claiming that it is not possible to guarantee the number of fans you will get from their package.
Some other sites only sell invites packages and cannot guarantee how many fans you will get becuase they may not have a reliable network of accounts. They might offer to send out 10, 000 invites there is no telling how many actual fans you will receive from that package.
We don't work like that, in fact we don't even send invites. We use a professional advertising platform to market your page to potential fans.

2. How long does it take for you to complete my campaign?

We normally need 12-14 hours to get started on your campaign. You will begin to see new fans arriving after that. The average campaign will take from one day to up to one or two weeks to complete.

3. Can I expect to get immediate fans from any package?

You can expect fans to start rolling through almost immediately after we begin the campaign. Every day you will have new fans and friends. The overall period to expect this happen for can be unlimited. As more fans come through, your page will branch out to their friends. That in return means even more fans in the long term.

4. What does your guarantee mean exactly?

We guarantee to get you at least the number of fans that you have ordered, and we wont stop until we have done so. We cannot always guarantee to get those fans in the time frames specified on this site. We endevour to always try to meet the times here but sometimes, due to the fact that we rely on facebooks website being in a working usuable condition, we cannot always meet the times stated.
Got a question that was not covered here? Ask us over twitter and we can include it!

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